Every persons lash growth cycle is different (see our blog post).  Your fills are based on your lash cycle and your aftercare (see our blog post on this as well).  With most people they will require lash fills every 2-3.5 weeks to keep their lashes looking full.  Your lash artist here at Eye Do Lashes 4U LLC will work closely with you and document every appointment to find the correct time frame for your individual lash extensions.

Generally most people will schedule lash fills at the 2-2.5 week mark following their last last appointment.  These appointments usually last 30 minutes to 1 hour- but again will depend on the condition of your lashes coming in.

In order to be considered a lash fill we require that it has not been longer than 4 weeks since your last lash fill and you have 30-40% of the extensions that were applied to your natural lash left.

Please contact us with any questions that you have regarding your lash fill appointment time.  970-231-6513


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