This is a question that we get frequently here at Eye Do Lashes 4u LLC.  The answer is not set in stone and can become confusing- we will give some basic information here but please have this conversation with your lash artist in person.

Due to the fact that every person is different- hormones, lash cycle, aftercare, daily life and on and on- there is not a certain time limit or time frame that can be stated.  Our lash artists have clients that have been wearing lash extensions for over 12 years with no problems and then we have other clients that can only wear lash extensions for special occasions like weddings and holidays/vacations and then need to have them removed.  The desicion for lash extensions is going to be based solely upon that natural health of your natural lashes. If you have fine and weak lashes you may not be able to wear extensions for extended periods of time or even at all.  Even with strong healthy lashes you may not be able to wear them safely long term if you don’t follow proper aftercare.

However most people can wear lashes long term by following proper aftercare (see our blog post) and having your lash artist inspect the health of your lashes at every appointment.  Here in our office we take before and after photos at every appointment so that we can reference to them when needed.

If your lashes are not in the best of shape ask your lash artist about growth serums that they recommend.

Reach out to us with any questions that you may have at 970-231-6513


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