“Erin is truly a gifted, talented, and thorough massage therapist and esthetician. I am transported to my happy place when she works her magic.” – Helen Marcos Griffis


“Erin is the best and I recommend her to everyone. She is flexible with scheduling, attentive to my mood and needs, and her services are personalized. I don’t have to remind her what I like in massage, she knows. She has a soothing spirit, and being in her company is an added benefit to her excellent massages and services.” – Lesley Faye


“Erin is the most gifted massage therapist I’ve ever worked with! She is gentle, respectful and able to individualize treatment to meet specific needs. She is able to release my trigger points, increase range-of-motion and greatly reduce my chronic pain!”- Terri Meyer Bell


“Sheer pleasure, Erin Is amazing….. I have been going to her forever,…..love her, you will be glad you had such a amazing experience.” – Karen Scott Rohloff


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