LED Light Therapy


With the development of science and technology, people are no longer limited to the use of general pharmaceuticals for sin care; today one of the new skin care treatments in the use of specific wavelengths of light.  These lights do not produce heat- only pure light and energy of some low touch applications dimming technology.  With a gentle nature, a significant effect, low risk, no side effects, it has been the skin care experts that this treatment is suitable for all skin types.


LED phototherapy skin mask instrument is the use of photodynamic theory, activation deep cells, promoting better metabolism in the skin.  After the light is absorbed by the skin, light energy in converted to intracellular energy, relaxation and strengthen capillaries and the skins photochemical reaction-enzymatic reactions, increasing as the cell “bodyguard” and “cleaning workers” catalase and superoxide dismutase enzyme ( S O D) activity, increasing ATP cellular energy generation source (ATP) decomposition, promoting cell metabolism and synthesis, increasing glycogen and protein content, which stimulated up to 5 times the collagen.  It also stimulates the body alkaline synthetic growth factor (BFGF) epidermal growth factor (EGF) secretion.


It’s fundament solution may  help with skin whitening, skin ageing problems (promote cell metabolism, to make live cells improved), skin collagen secretion, accelerate blood reflux, improve skin complexion, skin rejuvenations (wrinkle, blemish and other repair effects).  Each color of  light has a different effect, handling different skin problems.
RED LIGHT– May stimulate the production of collagen.  Collagen is an essential protein used to repair damaged tissue and to replace old tissue.  Best for fine lines and may also reduce large pores.
BLUE LIGHT–  Bacteria in acne contain Porphyrins- the blue light is able to kill Porphyrins due to the high affinity with this wave length.  This light furthermore has calming actions which may be very effective for hypersensitity.
GREEN LIGHT–  The balance of the green light can balance color pigment, reduce fine lines, nutrient aging skin, speed up the healing process of the wound and may help in lightening scarring.
YELLOW LIGHT–  Specially treated 590 nm wavelength may improve the exchange of oxygen in the cells to the skin to help in replenishing the energy, decompose pigment, promote lymphatic drainage, improve rough skins, wrinkles and aid on the treatment of skin redness while helping enhance immunity.
PURPLE LIGHT– This light combines the red and blue light; possibly helping with repairing acne and acne prints (scarring)
CLEAR BLUE LIGHT–  Can aid in the gradual enhancement of cell energy  and promote good metabolism  in the skin cells.
LASER LIGHT (WHITE LIGHT)- This light penetrates the skin; accelerating active tissue metabolism, decomposition, aiding in the removal of color spots and may help improve the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin.


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