Here at Eye Do Lashes 4U LLC we want you to be informed as possible on what to expect during your lash extension application.  Please check out our other blogs for more information as well.

First your lash artist will give you the option of having a patch test or not.

You need to come to your appointment with CLEAN and MAKEUP FREE natural lashes.  No oil based products on them or around them- this will affect your retention.

Be prepared to lie on the table (on your back) for up to 3 hours.  Bolsters and mini stretch breaks will be given during your application. You also need to be able to keep your eyes relaxed and shut for the entire application time.

Contacts need to be removed prior to the service starting- we also recommend wearing your glasses home.

No caffeine before your appointment please – this keeps your eyes from twitching and moving during the service.

As much as we love to get to know our clients -during the initial application it is best not to talk due to the possibility of the eye pads moving around.  Please feel free to bring headsets with pre downloaded music or podcast of your choice.  We do play relaxing music throughout the application process as well.

Please be on time for your appointment.   Please see our blog on cancellation and late policy.

Once your lash artist has done your consultation with you- they will then do a custom lash mapping for your desired look with lash extensions. Along with taking before photos (after photos will also be taken when your service is completed).

You will then lie on the table generally with a pillow under your head to position your head correctly for the lash artist.

Your lash artist will then apply gel pads and or sensitive tape to your under eye area- to prevent bottom lashes from being lashed.  Map out your style on the eye pads/tape and begin application of the lash extensions.

At no time during the application process should you feel any pain, burning or stinging.  If you do let your lash artist know immediately so they can rearrange the gel pads/tape.

It is advised to wear comfortable clothing as well- our lash rooms are kept at a lower temperature but we do have blankets for you to cover with and a bio mat for you to lie on during the service.  See our blog on the bio mat.


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