Here at Eye Do Lashes 4U LLC we recommend a patch test before your first full set of lashes.  We offer this service free of charge to all of our clients.  A patch test usually take about 15 minutes to preform and is recommended to have done at least 3 days before your full set is applied.

When you come for your patch test – EVERY product that we are going to use during a lash set and fill will be applied in small proportions to your lashes and surrounding area.  This is along with a few lash extensions being applied to your lashes as well.  It is helpful if you do not have makeup on during this time.  Photos will be taken as a reference for where each product was applied- this is useful to your lash artist if you do have a reaction so that they can pin point what product that you are having a reaction to.

It is not recommended to come in for a patch test during high allergy season (if your natural allergies affect your eyes) this can give a false positive for reactions.  Also if you have a cold or the flu or have had recent eye surgery we ask that you schedule your patch test for a different time.

It is also recommended to not be changing medications or your normal eating habits during the 72 hours of your patch test or again you may get a false positive for an allergic reaction.

Please call us to schedule your free lash consultation at 970-231-6513


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