Here at Eye Do Lashes 4U LLC we want all of our clients and potential clients to be well informed of any service they are having preformed on themselves.

Allergic reactions can vary person to person.  For one individual itching and redness may be a sign of an allergic reaction where another person may have extremely swollen eyes.  If you believe your are having an allergic reaction contact your lash artist to have your lash extensions removed.  If it is a severe reaction seek medical attention immediately.

Patch testing (see our blog post) may help determine if you are allergic to any of the products that will be used on you during your lash set or fill.  But people may also develope an allergic reaction overtime while wearing lash extensions.  Talk to your lash artist to see if a patch test is recommended for you.

Allergic reactions may come in the forms itching, redness, swelling around your lash line/eyes.

During times of the year when allergy season is full blown there may be other causes to itching and watering, red eyes.  If you are prone to allergies you may have a heightened sensitivity to any products used on you during this time.  Some of our clients may choose to have their lash extensions removed during peak allergy times of the year to reduce their personal allergic reaction to the environment around them.

If you are not sure what is happening with your lash extensions reach out to your lash artist for advice- more than likely they will need a photo up close with no makeup on of your eyes and lashes and may request that you come in to the office so they can look at your lashes.

We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions that you have on this topic.  Please call or text 970-231-6513


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