Here at Eye Do Lashes 4U LLC our lash artists have been trained in classic and volume lash extension application along with ongoing advanced training.  In this ever changing industry we want our lash artists to on the cutting edge of new techniques and the advanced that are taking place in this evolving industry.

We currently offer

Classic lashes- one lash extension to one natural lash

Volume lashes- where 2-10 lash extensions are applied to one natural lash

Hybrid lashes- where a combination of classic and volume lashes are applied to your natural lashes

We also offer colored lashes, ombré lashes, glitter lashes, special occasion lashes.

All of our lash extensions are semi permanent and we do not use cluster lashes nor lash strips.  Cluster Lashes are not the same as lash extensions- cluster lashes and strips are made for very short term wear (1 to 3 days ) and can damage the lashes if left on longer or improperly applied- adhesive should never be used to apply cluster or lash strips only the specific glue that is sold with them should be used to reduce the risk of harming your natural lashes.


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